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Maternity Mona Lisa

Maternity Mona Lisa is a conventioned establishement. Our team can accompany you during “simple” pregnancy and childbirth, with no complications, wheather your baby is born vaginally or by caesarean section. Maternity Mona Lisa belongs to the Perinatal Network of eastern side of Paris which includes maternity Trousseau , Bluets, Saint-Antoine, Pitié-Salpêtrière, Diaconesses, clinic Bien-Naître (12th district) and clinical Jeanne d’Arc (13th district). It annually hosts nearly 1800 future mothers.
The maternity team:
The maternity team is waiting for you 24 hours a day all year long. The gynecologist – obstetrician control, support and guide you during your pregnancy and will be present at the birth of ur child. The mid-wife welcomes you during your stay before the birth; she assures assistance of the childbirth, and accompanies mother and her child after the birth. You can also have some clinical and paraclinical examinations necessary and actively involved in all prevention actions. She prescribes certain tests and treatments necessary for the childbirth. Pediatricians are responsible for emergency in the childbirth room and monitoring of babies aftertheir birth. The administration provides the managment and organization of care. Childcare assistants are involved in the care of newborns and mothers. They are at your disposal to ensure your comfort and wellbeing. Lou Wrobel, psychologist (06 26 61 40 93) is at your disposal and welcomes you during pregnancy or after the birth, single or in couple in the maternity. Pregnancy is an outstanding period during which mixed emotions occur, sometimes unexpected, misunderstood and incomparable. You may feel the occasion need to meet the psychologist.
The obstetrical block:
The obstetric unit has three birth rooms and four rooms of pre-work. Two tubs were installed in February 2008 in the rooms of pre-work. The mother can relax in the bath during the pre-work phase. The hot water will help her. Then she gives birth in the workroom. The birthing rooms are equipped with first aid for the baby. A treatment room can provide emergency care to the newborn if necessary. The operating room with a recovery room is conected to the rooms if a cesarean birth is necessary. The birthing rooms are fully air conditioned. The maternity has 22 beds in private rooms and 8 rooms with 2 beds. Our service has 3 nurseries for bathing and baby care day and night.