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The Arago clinic

The Arago clinic was founded in 1910 and was mostly known for the quality of its treatment in the sphere of digestive system surgery and gynecology. At the beginning of the 20th century it was very popular among the élite of the society. Since then the clinic has been constantly updated and in 1984 it started specializing in orthopedic surgery of hand, knee, foot, articulations and spine. Such pathologies as osteoarthrosis, rheumatism, curvatures, hand cancer as well as different kinds of traumas are now treated in the Arago clinic. The most frequent surgical operations performed here are prosthetics and arthroendoscopy. The medical team is made of surgeons, anesthetists, cardiologists, radiologists, pharmaceutical chemists, masseurs and physiotherapists. The Arago clinic has 53 places for in-patients; its operational unit was modernized for the last time in 2001 and satisfies all the safety requirements. 2006 people take a cure here every year.